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Yiwu Customs issued certificates of origin in the first quarter of 2019 to a new high

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Date: 2019-5-10
Date of release: 2019-04-29 09:12 Source: Yiwu Business Daily On April 25, we learned from Yiwu Customs that in the first quarter, Yiwu Customs issued 26845 certificates of origin of FTAs, with a value of $490 million, a record high. Among them, the number of visas in the countries along the "one belt and one road" along the ASEAN and Pakistan accounts for 82%, totaling 22036 copies, and the value of goods is 390 million US dollars, up 17% and 15.4% respectively over the same period. It is expected that the import and export products of Yiwu will enjoy a tariff reduction of about US $31 million 200 thousand for importers, which will effectively promote the smooth operation of all industries in Yiwu. At present, China has signed free trade agreements with many countries along the belt and road. Certificate of Origin of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) plays an increasingly important role in international trade as a certificate of tariff reduction in goods trade. Yiwu Guoyou Import and Export Co., Ltd. exports a batch of textiles with a value of US$23741 to Pakistan. With the certificate of origin of FTA, Yiwu Guoyou Import and Export Co., Ltd. can enjoy zero tariff treatment when clearing customs, which saves US$1899.3 of tariff that should have been paid for the goods. Jiang Peiling, a salesman of the company, said, "Thanks to the preferential growth of the FTA, the export competitiveness of our products and the market share of Pakistan have been greatly enhanced." In order to make the products of the "one belt and one country" exported to other countries enjoy the bonus of the FTA preferential policy, the Yiwu customs will dig up the potential of the FTA, implement the free visa fully, promote the integration of visa and paperless, achieve the "maximum run" of the origin visa, enhance the convenience of signing the certificate, try out the certificate of origin "intelligent check sheet", and achieve the second trial of automaton examination and certificate. To speed up the speed of visa; to promulgate the rules for the visa of origin of market purchased commodities; to adopt inventory management to achieve non-sensitive products on demand, to achieve classification management, risk control, and to improve visa efficiency; and to effectively guide enterprises to enhance the international competitiveness of export products and to open up favorable emerging markets by means of preferential policies of free trade agreements. (Wu Fengyu)

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