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The fourth session of the central African folk BBS on August 25-27 was held in our city

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Date: 2015-9-5
As BBS the sixth ministerial meeting of china-africa cooperation in 2015 officially supporting activities, the fourth session of the central African folk BBS on August 25-27 was held in our city. On July 24, zhuhai held the fourth session of the central African folk BBS preparations for mobilization meeting, further defined the BBS work tasks and work requirements. Central African folk BBS is sponsored by the China council for the promotion of civil organizations international communication major foreign-related activities, is an important mechanism of china-africa exchanges and cooperation between folk platform, to enhance people-to-people friendly, promote pragmatic cooperation and promote the world peace has played a positive and unique role. The first session of the central African folk BBS held in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2011, the second in 2012, held in suzhou, China in 2014, the third in the Sudanese capital Khartoum. Starting from the second, the central African folk BBS became BBS ministerial meeting of china-africa cooperation supporting activities. Yiwu to undertake this BBS, which is beneficial to enhance the level of our city opening to the outside world and speed up the pace of zhuhai enterprises "going out", further enhance the city and international clout in Africa. Preparations for mobilization meeting request each department to raise awareness, unified thought, insist on high standard, strict, make sure that the preparations for the BBS powerful orderly, make the BBS high level, high level and influential and effective international event.

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