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Kazakhstan media attention yiwu \"area\" construction

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Date: 2017-7-18
Hold on "yiwu" china-eu trains the curiosity of provenance, yesterday morning, 20 people came to yiwu, kazakhstan media representatives into the yiwu railway port, visit the across Eurasia international freight channel. Kazakhstan is our comprehensive strategic partner in central Asia. In June this year, the heads of state of China and kazakhstan jointly attended the video link between the two countries, which indicated the direction for the two sides to tap the potential of the port and give full play to its advantages. The project of the central European class and lianyungang logistics base, which is represented by the "yiwu department", has attracted extensive attention from the media. As the "area" of the construction of the early results, central European trains from yiwu to Madrid in unceasing practice opportunities and bonus share really gave along the country cooperation, and gradually become their desire and actively pursue cooperation scheme. In yiwu railway ports, kazakhstan has interviews with the media delegation yiwu customs and "yiwu" central trains market operators in yiwu TianMeng industrial investment co., LTD., the relevant person in charge of the, know in yiwu power "yiwu" china-eu trains smoothly operating measures. Subsequently, the delegation came to international trade city, to the world's largest small commodity distribution center yiwu China small commodity city. Media delegation visited the area and four area market, and had an interview with the market management, market enterprises, kazakhstan merchants in righteousness business trade and economic and trade exchanges between yiwu businessmen with kazakhstan. Delegation of yiwu city logistics prosperity and business prosperity admiration, think "yiwu" china-eu trains are "One Belt And One Road" this great initiative to give meaning to really can see and speak. Will try my best to integrate the yiwu, they say, "area" of the construction of the positive attitude, and magnificent of yiwu market and flourishing written down, let more people understand the "area" kazakhstan initiative, understanding of yiwu market. (zhang chenlu)

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