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· China Commodity City Analysis of the performance in the first quarter of 2006 (2007-4-17)
· China Commodity City Analysis of operational in the first half of 2006 (2007-4-17)
· China Commodity City in 2006 operations analysis (2007-4-17)
· Standardized management seminar held at the Customs General Administration of justice (2007-4-17)
· Eight secret interpersonal clerk (2007-4-17)
· The world's largest container ship voyage Ningbo (2007-5-11)
· How to make full use of container space (2007-7-22)
· China Commodity City in the first half of 2007 Operation Situation Analysis (2007-8-23)
· 53 ft container will be available (2007-11-7)
· Yiwu inland ports station construction project held a groundbreaking ceremony works (2008-1-4)
· China before July above-scale port cargo throughput grew 15.2 percent (2008-8-15)
· Yiwu Small Commodity withstand the financial turmoil (2008-11-18)
· Dubai Exhibition Fair exhibitors had a productive session (2009-6-19)
· Yiwu permanent representative offices of foreign enterprises Interim Measures (2009-10-29)
· Municipal leaders inspect the mounting of Fair (2010-4-23)
· African businessmen gathered in Yiwu market (2010-9-3)
· Yiwu International Trade and comprehensive reform plan approved (2011-3-23)
· Yiwu Port(First) today officially opened (2011-10-28)
· 70% of the [Xinhua] Foreign Investment Partnership Enterprise settled in Yiwu (2012-3-1)
· India for the first time to replace Iran into Yiwu the largest export destination country (2012-5-23)
· "Yiwu Port" to speed up the construction of key logistics projects (2012-8-16)
· 2012 Yiwu Fair (2012-10-17)
· China's new immigration law shall go into effect as of July 1, 2013 (2013-8-6)
· Yiwu port customs supervision site was officially opened (2013-12-2)
· Yiwu, zhejiang province approved the first bonded logistics center in the Midwest (2014-2-28)

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